Do you know how safe your technology is?

A lot of business owners think IT security means putting an anti-virus program and maybe a firewall in place, and then calling it a day. That’s a sure-fire way to leave yourself vulnerable to someone turning IT against you.

Trust in the team at Paragon for Security Consulting and Risk Assessments to help you make sure no one can use your technology to hold business hostage. Ensure your business isn’t at risk from cybercrime, compliance violations, potential disasters, and other IT issues that could cost you in the long run:

  • Analysis of existing technology and operations to find weak points like aging systems, security loopholes, missing patches, and more.
  • External testing to see if hacker tricks can break through your walls so we know how to patch the holes we can’t immediately see from the inside.
  • Finding the best possible solutions to improve security, whether it’s simply updating settings, upgrading equipment, or replacing technology that leaves you vulnerable.
  • Learn how to USE technology safely, so you don’t accidentally download malware or fall prey to a hacker’s phishing attempt and put your business at risk.

Paragon IT – unleashing the true potential of technology.

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