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Paragon IT Solutions has been providing our clients with outstanding service since 2010. We are more than just another vendor we are a trusted business partner and solution minded advisor. We help our clients identify and eliminate potential technology issues before they become big problems so you can continue to focus on the success of your business. Our staff is committed to your success because we believe that together we can and will go far.

A Message From Our CEO

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I really like helping my clients – not just with a broken printer or computer, but with helping them find innovative technology solutions to their real world problems. That is why our name includes “innovative technology solutions.” We don’t want to just be a technology provider – we’re a solutions adviser.

Over the years we have come to realize that a lot of business owners just really hate technology because it has been such a big source of pain and frustration for them.

We love helping our clients realize that information technology isn’t something to dread but is in fact a very helpful tool in the success of their business. We want them to enjoy technology again.

Lots of IT companies can offer you technical proficiency and a certain level of know how when it comes to technology stuff. Where Paragon really stands out is in the care, time, and attention to detail that we put into achieving the results that our clients need. We really value the relationships we have with our clients and the goals they have for their own businesses. We really enjoy our clients and we care deeply that their businesses succeed.

That’s why we want you to view Paragon as a part of your team, and not just an outside vendor.

I enjoy being part of the technology planning process, understanding your needs and challenges and helping to strategize as well as implement and acquire the solutions needed. Help us understand your pain points, not just technical but throughout your entire business as well, so we can plan technology solutions that further your business goals rather than just solving some technical problem.

We choose the name Paragon because of what it means: a model of excellence. We strive to really be a model of excellence and a world class IT provider. We make sure that the job is not only done right but with integrity and commitment to client satisfaction.

Unleash the potential of your technology – find out what Paragon means for YOUR business today.

Dustin Randle
Paragon IT