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Paragon IT Solutions has been providing our clients with outstanding service since 2010. We are more than just another vendor we are a trusted business partner and solution minded advisor. We help our clients identify and eliminate potential technology issues before they become big problems so you can continue to focus on the success of your business. Our staff is committed to your success because we believe that together we can and will go far.

Comprehensive IT Security

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Protect Technology From Unexpected Threats

Information has always been power, and these days your data is more valuable than ever. A business relies on the information and the technology it uses. That means you need to know you can rely on your IT to be safe and secure at all times.

How safe is your information technology?

Paragon IT holds the safety of data as the highest priority. You never have to worry that using technology will leave you at risk. By turning to the team at Paragon for Comprehensive IT Security, you’ll gain peace of mind:

  • Discover any potential vulnerabilities in IT security.
  • Secure business from cybercrime and potential disasters.
  • Prepare for any potential disasters and rely on IT to keep staff working efficiently.

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Security Consulting and Risk Assessments

Ensure you aren’t at risk from cybercrime, compliance violations, potential disasters, and other IT issues that could cost you in the long run:

  • Analysis of existing technology and operations to find weak points like aging systems, security loopholes, missing patches, and more.
  • External testing to see if hacker tricks can break through your walls so we know how to patch the holes we can’t immediately see from the inside.
  • Finding the best possible solutions to improve security, whether it’s simply updating settings, upgrading equipment, or replacing technology that leaves you vulnerable.

Backups & Business Continuity

Prepare for any disaster the future might hold for your business by using the right technology to stay operational when you need to most:

  • Back up ALL your IT: your files, your applications, your user settings – everything you use every day.
  • Keep your backups both in your office and in the cloud – so you’re protected from anything that could destroy your onsite equipment.
  • Make a plan focused on RECOVERY in the face of disaster – so everyone in your business knows how to use IT to keep working even if you can’t get into the office.

Email & Network Security

Use the Internet and communicate with the world around you without worry by leveraging a complete suite of security options to keep your technology safe:

  • Keep your networks and email monitored 24/7 to discover unauthorized access or potential problems, and jump on them immediately.
  • Take advantage of the simplest, most effective security suite: malware protection, anti-spam, firewalls, user authentication, password protection, and more.
  • Keep security systems and 3rd-party applications regularly updated and patched so they don’t leave backdoors.

Paragon IT – unleashing the true potential of technology.

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