Rely on Technology to Keep You Running in the Face of Any Disaster.

How prepared is your business to weather a data storm?

Data disasters are more than just electrical storms and floods – they’re anything that could hurt your technology and set your business back:

  • Natural disasters like flooding, fires, storms, and more.
  • Manmade threats like hacking and viruses.
  • Human errors like accidentally deleted files or a spilled cup of coffee.

Trust in the team at Paragon for Backups and Business Continuity Planning to keep your IT safe from the future. Prepare for any disaster the future might hold for your business by using the right technology to stay operational when you need to most:

  • Back up ALL your IT – your files, your applications, user settings – everything you use.
  • Keep your backups both in your office and in the cloud – onsite backups for fast recovery from data errors, and offsite backups that keep you protected from anything that could damage onsite equipment.
  • Make a plan focused on RECOVERY in the face of disaster – so everyone in your business knows how to use IT to keep working even if you can’t get into the office.
  • Test all your backups every time they’re created, KNOW you can count on them to do their job when a real disaster happens.

Paragon IT – unleashing the true potential of technology.

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